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Went to Fashion Trade Show to see Sekai Camera

February 19, 2009

Today, I went to rooms fashion trade show to see Sekai Camera.

Sekai Camera

Sekai Camera (セカイカメラ)

Sekai Camera is an iPhone application for Augmented Reality.
It looks and works like Camera app. However, within Sekai Camera, the finder view is not just for taking photo, but for showing messages, photos, etc., you or somebody put onto the space (like stickies).

I went to the booth and touched the demo machine.

Using Sekai Camera

The screen shows real world like camera finder.

Floating Tags

User generated Tags are floating at where somebody left messages / pictures.

Tag Detail

Tapping a floating tag shows the detail ( and lists up tags near here ).

Sekai Camera is going to be released this spring.
It enables user-generated worlds overlap and enrich the reality. Exciting!

Google cal and contacts sync to iPhone

February 9, 2009
Apple CEO Steve...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Google starts sync services for iPhone!

You can sync your Google calendar and address book to iPhone.

Wow!  I will try it.

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