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Temporary Upload Problem of Google Docs

April 18, 2009
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Temporarily, to upload a note from RainbowNote to Google Docs does not work correctly. If your notes contains Japanese, Chinese, Korean and some characters like $, those characters are converted to question marks.

It’s not a trouble caused by RainbowNote.
It is due to Google Docs Service is partially in trouble ( From your PC, you can check the trouble is on the Google service by uploading TXT or HTML file using web browser).

We’ve already asked Google to solve this problem.
Please use send mail function instead of save to Google Docs.

Thank you for your patience.

P.S. We fixed the problem already!

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How to use RainbowNote

April 10, 2009

We just prepared user manual describes how to use RainbowNote in one paper (PDF).

Click the image below and see what you can get with new version!


RainbowNote 1.3 Released!

April 9, 2009

RainbowNoteNew version(ver.1.3) of RainbowNote is now available on AppStore! Changes on this version are mainly on folder support.

The added features are

  • Folder Support: Subfolders can be created up to 10 level depth.
  • Organize Note Easily: Multi-select list mode for move or delete. You can easily move your notes / folders to newly created folders.
  • Extended Search: Search now looks into subfolders. The path to each note is shown in the search result.
  • System Folders: “Trash Box” and “All Notes” folder added.
  • Auto-save state: Keeps Last viewed notes / folders and recovers on next launch. Each folder keeps its sort state.

Some functions work with Google Docs are improved. “Send to Google Docs” works again by avoiding the server side failure. Restore speeds up. Import function now fetches multiple documents at one time.

If you would like to know more, go RaibowNote page on AppStore!