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How to solve the Google Docs importing problem

July 31, 2009

★★ Important Information ★★

Since July 30, Google Docs server has modified their data retrieving system.

When you import documents from Google Docs to RainbowNote version 1.5.1, your notes look empty.

To solve this problem, please change the setting of RainbowNote from iPhone/iPod touch’s “Settings” -> “RainbowNote” -> “Download Mode ” -> “Html2”.

Picture instruction is available below.

Thank you for your corporations.


RainbowNote 1.5 is ready

July 13, 2009

Hi all,

RainbowNote version 1.5 is ready to download from AppStore now.

New feature is adding one more option to “Screen Rotation” lock. You can choose “Rotation Enabled”(default) or “Portrait Only” or “Landscape Only” mode.

And you can move your note from editing view.
Touch folder with arrow button from below note, you can select trash or folder to move the note.

img_10027.png img_10028.png