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RainbowNote 1.8.1 is waiting for approval

April 23, 2010

Yesterday, we post the new version (v.1.8.1) of RainbowNote that fixes the problems with Google Docs related to the recent major update of Google Docs. We added,

– Avoid server side problem on “document list for import from Google Docs shows nothing”
– Fixed problems on picture upload

Please wait for the next release.

RainbowNote 1.8 is ready

April 21, 2010

Hi all,

RainbowNote version 1.8 is ready to download from AppStore since 6th April.

[New Features]

✔ Offline Sync with Google Docs

You can sync bi-directionally all notes and folders in RainbowNote with a specified folder in Google Docs. Shared word-processing documents and folders in Google Docs are supported by sync feature if they are editable.

✔ View photos in full screen

By tapping a photo in a note while no keyboard is shown, you can view the photo in full screen. The photo can be zoomed by pinch in/out. By single tapping the photo in the mode, you can go back to Note Edit page.

✔ Photo Options added

In Photo Settings page, two more options added.
You can choose maximum photo size from 480×320 (default) / 640×480. Export file format option is also available.

✔ Auto-bookmark on exit

If you exit RainbowNote in Note Edit page, RainbowNote recovers the view position on next launch.