RainbowNote 1.8 is ready


Hi all,

RainbowNote version 1.8 is ready to download from AppStore since 6th April.

[New Features]

✔ Offline Sync with Google Docs

You can sync bi-directionally all notes and folders in RainbowNote with a specified folder in Google Docs. Shared word-processing documents and folders in Google Docs are supported by sync feature if they are editable.

✔ View photos in full screen

By tapping a photo in a note while no keyboard is shown, you can view the photo in full screen. The photo can be zoomed by pinch in/out. By single tapping the photo in the mode, you can go back to Note Edit page.

✔ Photo Options added

In Photo Settings page, two more options added.
You can choose maximum photo size from 480×320 (default) / 640×480. Export file format option is also available.

✔ Auto-bookmark on exit

If you exit RainbowNote in Note Edit page, RainbowNote recovers the view position on next launch.

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