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How to convert Google Docs new editor’s documents to the old ones

July 3, 2010

I wrote a post yesterday how to solve Google Docs error 404 (In Google Docs’ settings, uncheck “new editor”).

Unfortunately, changing the setting only affects the new documents created after that.

So the documents you created in the new editor before you enabled old editor, are still bound to new editor (and cause sync error again).

By using export and import, you can convert all your documents bound to new editor to those bound to old editor at once.

How to do it is,

1. Log in to Google Docs from your PC.

2. Check the settings and make sure your editor for new documents is not the new one.


3. From document list, select the documents created with new editor. Choose “more actions” from menu bar, and click “Export Button”.


4. Download the documents you selected. You don’t need to change the format from MS-Word, but you can change it as you like except PDF.


5. Take a look at the documents you downloaded to your PC and check if they are okay.

6. Upload these documents to Google Docs from your PC. You can choose the destination folder you want.


7. Move the unnecessary documents (the export targets selected in 3) to Trash in Google Docs. After that, you can sync Google Docs with RainbowNote again.

ATTENTION: Your documents created before June 14 are all bound to original editor.

So you don’t need to convert them.

Please feel free to ask us if you feel something unclear.

How to solve Google Docs sync error 404

July 2, 2010

Since Google Documents opened its new editor to public, there’s a lot of bugs founded especially in the API (the ports to allow third party applications to connect Google Docs servers).

We investigate the problem and found Google Docs’ new editor can’t export documents correctly to external applications when you use new document interface.

The detail of the problem is written below, in the issue tracker of Google Docs API.

Issue 2023: Can’t download new document formats

You can avoid the problem if you changed the user interface of Google Docs to the old one (Please be aware the documents you have already created with new interface are still unable to export).

To change the interface of Google Docs, go “Editing” tab on “Document Settings” and remove the check of “Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor”.

Logout and re-login is recommended to apply the change.

Google Docs Settings

We keep tracking of the problem.

We apologize for your inconvenience.