How to convert Google Docs new editor’s documents to the old ones


I wrote a post yesterday how to solve Google Docs error 404 (In Google Docs’ settings, uncheck “new editor”).

Unfortunately, changing the setting only affects the new documents created after that.

So the documents you created in the new editor before you enabled old editor, are still bound to new editor (and cause sync error again).

By using export and import, you can convert all your documents bound to new editor to those bound to old editor at once.

How to do it is,

1. Log in to Google Docs from your PC.

2. Check the settings and make sure your editor for new documents is not the new one.


3. From document list, select the documents created with new editor. Choose “more actions” from menu bar, and click “Export Button”.


4. Download the documents you selected. You don’t need to change the format from MS-Word, but you can change it as you like except PDF.


5. Take a look at the documents you downloaded to your PC and check if they are okay.

6. Upload these documents to Google Docs from your PC. You can choose the destination folder you want.


7. Move the unnecessary documents (the export targets selected in 3) to Trash in Google Docs. After that, you can sync Google Docs with RainbowNote again.

ATTENTION: Your documents created before June 14 are all bound to original editor.

So you don’t need to convert them.

Please feel free to ask us if you feel something unclear.


4 Responses to “How to convert Google Docs new editor’s documents to the old ones”

  1. Frederik Orellana Says:


    I just installed the app and what I’ve seen so far looks great – thanks. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time: a simple note editor with hierarchical folders that syncs with Google docs. Now, if you could only add/fix a few things, I’d be very happy:

    1) Instead of forcing to use the old editor, please fix the app instead (I suppose you’re working on this)

    2) Please allow notes to belong to multiple folders like in Google Reader. This probably requires a great deal of work, but effectively it would allow tagging notes (e.g. high/medium/low priority), which would be very useful.

  2. kouji Says:

    Hi Frederik,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

    1) Yes, we will make RainbowNote work with both new and old editor. Please wait for a while.

    2) About allowing notes to belong to multiple folders, currently we have no plan to support. We think it is too complicated function for most users.
    Instead of that, we are going to add color labels in the next update. We separate paper colors from papers, so you can use color labels to organize and sort inside RainbowNote.

  3. Frederik Orellana Says:

    Hi again,

    regarding 2: will these colours somehow be visible in the google docs web interface? If not, I encourage you to make this so, e.g. by creating folders with names of colours and adding the notes of a given colour to the corresponding folder. At least this would give some level of consistence between the two interfaces. I regard the dual interfaces (iphone, web) as one of the strong features of your app and would not like to see it compromised.

  4. kouji Says:

    Hi Frederik,

    Thank you for your comment and sorry to reply you late.

    Unfortunately, these colors will not be visible in Google Docs. They are stored in one hidden spreadsheet when you execute sync.

    Storing and recovering colors by using corresponding folders is nice idea. We add it to our feature request and consider of it next time we brush up sync function.

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