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RainbowNote 2.1 is ready in AppStore

November 18, 2010

We are happy to announce RainbowNote 2.1 is now available in AppStore.
The major feature of the version up is AirPrint Support. You can print your note with images and maps to your printer via Wi-Fi.

[New Features / Fixes]

✔ AirPrint Support (iOS 4.2)

You can print your note via Wi-Fi on incoming new iOS 4.2! “AirPrint” button added onto the “send to” menu in Note Edit page.

✔ Quick Launch Button for External Apps (iOS 4〜)

Quick launch button added on the top right of virtual keyboard. You can easily access to external app like SpellChecker.

✔ Avoid a problem in Google Docs

As creating a document for image upload doesn’t work with some account curretly, we changed the way to create it.