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RainbowNote 2.2 is now in AppStore

February 16, 2011

We are happy to announce RainbowNote 2.2 is now on sale in AppStore.

Lots of new features added like Search and Replace in editor, Reorder Notes, Address Search for Map, Direct Jump to Home Folder, Black Keyboard, etc.

Free Lite version is also available. Try this if you interested in our application.

What’s new in Version 2.2

Search and Replace

  • Edit Page now supports Search and Replace (iOS4〜)
  • Auto focus to search word in Edit page if the note is shown from search result
  • 10 level undo / redo for replace
  • Option for case sensitive search
  • Choose search word from search history (long press the grass icon in search area to access search menu)

Note Management

  • You can customize the order of items in each folder
  • “Move directly to Home folder” button added in List page
  • Quick Access page to recent notes, folder tree etc (Shown by long pressing “move to parent folder” button)
  • Auto apply sort order to the note currently editing

Map View

  • Address Search in “Add Map” page
  • Option added for show center pin on captured map


  • Black keyboard (iOS4 + iPhone3GS〜) You can choose the appearance in “Theme” setting menu
  • Show previous / next photo in full screen photo view mode
  • Show AirPrint button option in “AirPrint” setting menu
Please take a look at the online manual for details (

Problem Soleved: Can’t sync and import from Google Docs (RainbowNote)

February 4, 2011

The sync and import problem on Google Docs we announced yesterday has solved, as Google rolled-back the specification change caused them. You can use sync and import feature as before.

We stopped registering emergency update for the problem. Instead, the incoming version of RainbowNote (version 2.2) includes the update to prepare the change.

Problem: Can’t sync and import from Google Docs (RainbowNote)

February 3, 2011

Currently, RainbowNote can’t sync and import from Google Docs since Feb 2, as the service has changed the specification recently.

We are now testing the fix version for the problem and going to register it to AppStore today. Sorry for inconvenience.