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RainbowNote 2.5 released

November 16, 2011

This version is for the fix the problems on iOS5.
Please download the update if you use RainbowNote on iOS5.
The details of the changes are as follows.

Photo Library Fix for iOS 5

  • You can preview and paste photos edited in “Photo” app
  • Some preview images were shown in wrong direction fixed

Crushes on viewing a note with very long text fixed (100KB over, iOS 5)

“Re-Sync” function added

You can access the function from “Advanced Settings” of “Google Settings”.
It moves all notes and folders in RainbowNote to trash, then re-get all notes and folders in the sync target folder in Google Docs.

Other Changes

  • Fixed: Some unicode emojis are removed from downloaded notes (Google’s server side problem).
  • Fixed: All characters in mail changes to “?” when emoji is at the end of a line.
  • Fixed: Bottom toolbar not correctly shown if you rotate your iPhone while searching replacing a note in editor.

RainbowNote v2.4 released!

November 1, 2011

New version of RainbowNote (v.2.4) is now available in AppStore.

This version is mainly for the fix of the Google Sync problem on iOS5 we previously post.

Please download the update if you had the problem.

Google Sync Problem Fixed

Syncing, importing and exporting problems which didn’t work on iOS5 have been fixed.

Google Auth Changed

Login way is changed to more secure and stable one (OAuth2). Please re-enter your Google ID and password after upgrade.

Other Changes

  • Fixed: Bugs on background select UI on editor (iOS5).
  • Fixed: Wood theme has no background image (iOS5).
  • Black keyboard has been removed.