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RainbowNote 2.7 Released!

July 16, 2012

New version of RainbowNote (v.2.7) is now available in AppStore.

This update contains photo editing support, notes transfer from Lite to Paid, Google sync problem fixes etc.

New Features

  • New photo editor for editing, enhancing and retouching your photos inside notes
  • Item transfer from Lite to Paid version
  • Sync destination folder selection Improved

Fixed Bugs/Problems

  • Google Sync Problem Fix: Repair function added for removed-on-server-side note settings on legacy format documents.
  • Google Sync Bug Fix: Fixed the sync stopping bug if you have hundreds of folders.
  • Other bug fixes.

Change Details

New Photo Editor

RainbowNote now uses Aviary photo editor that supports editing, retouching, handwriting, etc.

Lite to Paid transfer

By tapping “Transfer Notes To Paid Version” in “Settings” page in Lite version, you can send all items from Lite to Paid.

Sync destination folder selection Improved

Now RainbowNote saves sync destination info onto Google’s server side. You can easily re-select the folder once used.

Repair function for removed-on-server-side note settings

This is for users who has been using RainbowNote or Google Docs for more than 2 years.

Google Docs has stopped supporting the legacy documents that were used before June 2010 and now auto-converting them to the latest format.

The conversion has a big problem as it won’t copy RainbowNote specific note settings like font, BG, date, and geolocation.

If these conditions are satisfied after a Google sync has completed, RainbowNote shows alert message to let you fix the problem.

– You have synced notes or documents which were created more than 2 years ago.

– The document auto-conversion on Google’s server side has been completed on your account.

If you would like to repair the note settings manually, please choose “Repair Settings of Documents Auto Converted By Google” from “Advanced Settings” of “Google Settings”.

Fixed the sync stopping bug if you have hundreds of folders.

It usually occurs when scanning 5th folder of sync destination. We are sorry for taking time before fixing the bug.