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RainbowNote 2.7.5 Released

September 29, 2012

New version of RainbowNote (v.2.7.5) is now available in AppStore.

This update is for iPhone 5 optimization. Take advantage of the taller 4-inch screen with this update!

RainbowNote 2.7.1 Released

September 21, 2012

This update fixes the compatibility problem with iOS6 (some buttons on navigation bar or toolbar don’t respond to touches).
Please update RainbowNote to the latest version (2.7.1) when you update your iOS to 6.

iOS6 compatible version of RainbowNote is waiting for approval

September 19, 2012

Currently, the latest version of RainbowNote (v2.7) doesn’t work well on iOS6. Some important bar buttons like “Back” button from editor page to list page don’t respond to touches. We have posted the fix version and waiting for the Apple’s approval. Sorry for inconvenience.