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RainbowNote 2.8 Released!

January 28, 2013

New version of RainbowNote (v.2.8) is now available in AppStore.

This update contains the fix for the Google sync problem that occurs on uploading notes with images to Google Docs. Avoiding the server side failure on client side is a difficult task, it took time before we fixed it. Sorry for the long inconvenience.

In addition to the fix, the update has new features below.

New Features

✦ Photo Frame

In addition to background and font settings, you can choose photo frame design for each note (from 5 kinds).

✦ Multiple Photo Insertion

You can add multiple photos (up to 5) at once from photo library.

✦ Photo Library UI improvement

From this version photo thumbnails of the library is grouped by date.

✦ Caption

You can write a caption for each photo in a note.

✦ Default note’s background on folders

Each folder has its default note’s background settings now. When you add a note in the folder, the default settings will be applied to it.

Sync problem fix version is waiting for approval (RainbowNote)

January 22, 2013

Since last month, RainbowNote can’t sync notes with images to Google Drive/Docs, because of the server side problem. Yesterday, we have posted the fix version to Apple and it is now waiting for review. Sorry for inconvenience.