RainbowNote 2.9 Released!


RainbowNote ver.2.9 is now available in AppStore.
The main new feature is social sharing support (iOS6怜). You can now post a note to Facebook, Twitter and MMS / SMS / iMessage.

You can select the sharing destination from the menu below, after tapping the send button on the note editor page.

You can post a message with photos to Facebook and Twitter (Post to Twitter accepts one photo).

You can download the free (lite) version of RainbowNote in AppStore.

RainbowNote Lite

RainbowNote Lite

6 Responses to “RainbowNote 2.9 Released!”

  1. Brie Balgeman Says:

    i have the paid version of this app and its a great app, but i would suggest adding a feature where you can add columns to the note… if your looking for an additional feature for the app.

    • kouji Says:

      Hi Brie,

      Thank you for your request!
      We add it to our feature request list and think of it when we extend editing feature on RainbowNote.


  2. Andy Says:

    Finding Rainbow Notes was the best thing that happened to my iPhone! Thank you so so so much for your wonderful note app, I truly appreciate it and the very fair price you charge for your paid version.

    I will be able to use the app the way it is, but I would make a lot of use of these additional features:

    -Individual folder and individual note passcode lock

    -Ability to add individual “Checkmark” boxes to notes that can be clicked to check them. This adds the ability to make shopping lists, etc that are very helpful.

    -Add Drawings to notes without adding a picture. Drawing settings include many pen colors, many pen widths, highlighter or pen opacity percentage changing, undo, redo, eraser, eraser size change, clear drawing, “save to photo album”.

    -Audio recordings

    -Ability to put notes above folders when organizing or moving notes around.

    -“To Do” notes, with due dates, completed check marks, reminders, alarm and status.

    Thanks for looking over my suggestions and considering them because I have started using Rainbow Notes on a constant daily basis. All your additions to this app are greatly appreciated and will be fully utilized by me to their full capacity.

    • kouji Says:

      Hi Andy,

      Thank you for your requests.
      We have added them to our feature request list and consider of them.

      The feature below has already been added to the next version that is under development.

      -Ability to put notes above folders when organizing or moving notes around



      • Andy Says:

        Thanks so much, you guys are great!! You don’t know how much it means to me that you take the time to kindly listen to suggestions and ideas.

        Happy to hear that the feature to be able to put notes above folders is already being added! Perfect!

        Take care and talk again soon!

  3. Andy Says:

    Having major issues with app, it just crashes after I open it and try to open a note. The app is now un-useable like thisc could you please help me. Thanks

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