Problem: Can’t sync notes with images to Google Drive (RainbowNote)


From around 2 Oct, RainbowNote can’t upload notes with images to Google Drive.

It is caused by Google’s server-side problem.
We have posted an error report (with error reproduction instruction) to Google Drive support forum and waiting for their action. Sorry for inconvenience.

[Error Report Detail]

2 Responses to “Problem: Can’t sync notes with images to Google Drive (RainbowNote)”

  1. Dottie Says:

    I paid for Rainbownote. It is on my iPhone and iPad. They do not sync together so both are always the same. Fix it.

    • kouji Says:

      Hi Dottie, thank you for your comment.

      As written in this blog post, the sync feature with Google Drive is not working if you have notes with images.
      So, If you use RainbowNote with images, please try the settings change below after Google fixed the problem (If you only use texts in RainbowNote, it is okay try now).

      We sometimes receive mails from users who can’t sync notes and folders on multiple devices via Google Drive sync feature.
      Most of the case, they created two sync destination folders on Google Drive with same name. If your case is the one, here is how to solve the problem.

      1. (PC) Log in to Google Drive with your PC via web browser.
      2. (PC) Tap the head triangle of “My Drive” on the top left of the browser and open the folder tree. There should be your sync destination folders (default name is “RainbowNote Sync”).
      3. (PC) Look into the folders and determine which one is the folder for your main device. Then, by right clicking the folder, show the context menu and rename it to something you can easily recognize.
      4. (Sub Device) On the sub device, launch RainbowNote, go “Google Settings” page. Then tap “Status” cell in the Google Settings menu.
      5. (Sub Device) Tap “Disable Google Sync”. To change the sync destination folder, you first need to disable current sync.
      6. (Sub Device) Tap “Status” again on the “Google Settings” page to setup sync. In “Sync Destination” page, please choose the folder name you set in 3. If you are unsure which one is the folder for your main device, please tap (i) button on the right side of the folder name. It will show the root content of the folder.
      7. (Sub Device) Exec sync on the sub device. It will download the content in the new destination folder to RainbowNote and upload all the notes and folders on RainbowNote to Google Drive.
      8. (Main Device) Exec sync on the main device.

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