About the (null) note problem on RainbowNote


If there are notes that are shown as (null) in list view, whole or a part of the text would be lost (*1). The bug exists from v.2.9.8 and is caused by mis-handling of special characters like emoji which consumes two characters for one representation.

We apologize to the users who suffered from the bug.

To solve the problem, we have added the fixes to the next version (v.2.9.10).

  1. Fix for the mis-handling of cursor in editor that may cause the separation of two inseparable character pair that are illegal to system if separated.
  2. On save, added the logic that checks and removes the illegal characters created by separation to avoid the data lost.
  3. Fix for the crash on opening a (null) note.

We have registered the new version to AppStore. It is now waiting for the Apple’s review. Please wait a while before it becomes available in AppStore. Before that, please do not tap emoji to start editing(*2).

*1 Photos in notes are not affected by this bug. In addition, if a note has a photo, a part of the text may remain because of the save data structure.
*2 If separation of emoji occurred, it will become visible after the save of the note done (by tapping “Done” button etc). There will be two characters that looks like “squared capital A”. If you did separation, please stay on the editor and delete all of these illegal characters to avoid the data lost.

3 Responses to “About the (null) note problem on RainbowNote”

  1. Andreas Wetzel Says:


    Ich kann die App nicht mehr öffnen nach dem letzten Update.

  2. Andreas Wetzel Says:

    Hello, ​

    please ​can ​you ​help ​me. ​I ​would ​like ​to ​change ​the ​font ​color ​in ​a ​note. ​e.g. ​for ​headlines. ​Is ​this ​possible ​or ​is ​there ​something ​planned? ​thank ​you ​very ​much ​and ​greetings ​from ​Germany

    Andreas ​Wetzel

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