Nice to meet you!    RainbowNote is an application for iPhone and iPod touch.
We wanted to make more attractive experience to write your idea, journal, or mail with iPhone / iPod touch, than the standard Notes.app.

So we’ve made what we wanted.
If you have any question or request, please write it in our Forum.

We hope you will enjoy our product!


Kouji Takano : programmer

graphics and web design

Akemi Miyamoto :graphics and web design

21 Responses to “About”

  1. Linda Says:


    I am new to Rainbow Note & to Google Docs. But, today, I was able to copy a number of short notes from my MS Word docs, to Google Docs & the to Rainbow notes. That was pretty cool.

    How do I get what I import onto the various stationary choices?
    Is it possible to BOLD or format (other than L justify) my text?

    Thank you for your help, and for developing this app for iPhone.


  2. Akemi Says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your suggestion.
    We are working on changing font setting right now.
    It’s almost done, and under testing.
    So stay tuned for next update of RainbowNote!

    About choice of justifying, we have no choice for current version.
    We like to think it for future update plan.

  3. joyce Says:

    my iphone required backing up and restore. when i synced my applications my rainbow note app wasn’t there. what happened?? i paid for it and have been using it for months. are all my notes lost??!!! some is irreplacable information that i thought was recoverable!
    thank you.

    • Akemi Says:

      Hi Joyce,
      Don’t panic. Once you paid for an app, you can download it free of charge anytime. So don’t worry about missing RainbowNote app.
      The real problem is your notes in RainbowNote.
      Did you back up your notes to Google Docs from RainbowNote before?
      If so, download the app again from AppStore, input your Google ID in RainbowNote settings, and restore (Done!)
      Unfortunately if you never use backup function within the app, try restore your iPhone/iPod touch from your old backup.
      ( It works if you do backup your iPhone/iPod touch through iTunes frequently.)
      Connect your iPhone/iPod touch to your PC/Mac, launch iTunes, then click iPhone/iPod touch icon from left pane.
      From the information tab, Option + click “Restore” button.
      iTunes will ask you which date to restore, so chose the date that you think your RainbowNote was existed.
      By this way, you can restore your notes since the date of last backup.
      I hope it will solve your trouble.

  4. Adam Curry Says:

    Hi, this is to let you know that your “Rainbow Note Lite” app is featured today on “Adam Curry’s Free Big App Show” app in a 3 minute on screen demo. (see http://bigappshow.com/)

    With over 3 million apps downloaded by my audience monthly, I hope you’ll see a nice spike in downloads of your app.

    If you blog, tweet or facebook about the ‘appisode’, please let your users know about the Big App Show for iPhone and Android at http://bigappshow.com/

    Kind regards,

    Adam Curry

  5. birkenbihl Says:

    when i WRITE i can place pictures in the text. where they belong. when i MAIL this doc all pictures are collected BELOW. since pix and txt have a closr conneczion and since pix soetimes depict foreign words in dtrange writing systems they need o be viwed with the text.
    up until noe xours seemed the first app that’s EASY to use (vs pages) AND where i coulp PLACE the stuff ight. plrase let me mail it like that!

    and; i placed one picure by mistake and couldn’t get rid of it. what don’t i know?

    thanks for a wonderful concept. :-))

    ps i will rport on the app in a German blog of a friend, once i learn how to use it right, it seems so great!
    thanks again
    s text on top has disappeared, can’t proofread. hope you can guess well

  6. kouji Says:

    Hi birkenbihl,

    Thank you for your appraise!
    Fulfilling both usefulness and easy to use is one of our aim when developing apps.
    (And some fun. It is also important).

    > when i MAIL this doc all pictures are collected BELOW

    Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give us developers a reliable way to send a mail with full-size photos placed bewteen texts.

    > and; i placed one picure by mistake and couldn’t get rid of it. what don’t i know?

    There is no way to move picture in RainbowNote (delete and re-insert is only the way to do so).
    We are going to improve this in future update. Please wait.

    > ps i will rport on the app in a German blog of a friend, once i learn how to use it right, it seems so great!

    We would like to see the article very much.
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask us.

    Thank you
    Kouji Takano

  7. BabaO Says:

    Just started to use rainbow app and I will probably use it a lot but I am truly disapointed that they don’t have a ipad version 😦
    Viewing and manipulating this app on ipad is either visualy not attractive unless you stick to the “1x” format and then thats too small to do anything with ipad.

    So my questions are : when will it come out also aa an ipad app and if so will the updates via my app store manage the switch for me ?


    • kouji Says:

      Hi BabaO,

      One to two month (at most).

      We are working hard on iPad version now.

      Technically, two big matters – new sync engine and new drawing system – is stable now, but we need time to implement enough functions, brush up UI and fix bugs.
      We had planned to release it in this month, but we would need a bit more time to make it valuable enough.

      Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your request!


  8. Pius Says:

    Hy, i am a new Rainbownote user. super app with all these futers, but i miss a futer Syncing with WEB/DAV Servers.

    • kouji Says:

      Hi Pius,

      Supporting WEB/DAV is a bit challenging as it is a platform, not one service like Google Docs.
      We add it to sync target request and consider of it.
      Thank you!


  9. Bjørn Says:


    and thank you a lot for Rainbow Note!
    I use it every day and can hardly imagine life without it! 😉

    However, the info for the latest version says that iOS 4.3 is now required.
    As you maybe know, iTouch 2gen can’t go further than iOS 4.2.1.

    Could you please make RN compatible with iOS 4.2 once more?



    • kouji Says:

      Hi Bjørn,

      Sorry to reply you late here.

      We are sorry we have stopped supporting iPhone 3G / iPod Touch 2nd Gen.
      As I have replied you in support forum, unfortunately, it is difficult for us.

      Thank you for loving our app!

  10. musubana Says:

    Hi Kouji,

    thanks a lot for your kind replies, both here and in the support forum!

    I’m sorry to hear you stopped iTouch 2G support.
    I will, however, continue to use the old version of your app for a while…



  11. niondgo Says:

    Hi there
    First – I do not see any postings of late, are you guys still developing this app?

    What I like about Rainbow Notes is:
    I like lot the photo editing option, very nicely implemented. Like the interface and the file structure – clean and aestetically pleasing.
    I like also the ability to insert Maps and annotate them – I use that for trip planning. There are things that are missing though and if implemented would really make this one my primary note taking app.
    Here they are:
    – no bulleted/numbered lists or check box lists (Important to me);
    – no Headers of any sort (good to have, but not crucial);
    – No ability for handwriting and drawing inserts (Important);
    – No voice memos (good to have occasionally)
    – No .pdf import for annotation (Important);
    – No export to other apps on the phone (Important);
    – Finally – I’d like to be able to import maps from map-applications other than the Apple’s Maps. Although improved recently, they still have a lot of omissions and

    Can you please comment on the possibility of getting those features in the (relatively) near future?

    I really like this app, it’s kind’a friendly and pleasant to use.
    Thanks for the nice work!

    • Akemi Says:

      Hi Nick,
      Thank you for your suggestions.
      Don’t worry, we are still working hard to make our app better.

      Currently, we are busy to release iPad version.
      After that, we will add some new features to iPhone’s RainbowNote.
      So stay tuned!

      support of RainbowNote

  12. Cancinos Says:

    This is one of my top favorite apps on the iPhone. Perfect to sync documents with Google Drive. That being said, I recently switched to Android and there’s not one app that comes close to what RainbowNote does and how it does it. Any chance for an Android version? I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    • Akemi Says:

      Hi Cancinos,
      Thank you for your applause!
      We are very happy to hear you like RainbowNote very mush.
      Unfortunately, we have no plan to develop an Android version.
      We are working to focus on an iPad version of RainbowNote right now.
      I hope one day you will come back to iOS world.

  13. Tri Says:

    Hi Akemi,

    what is the differences between lite and paid version?
    Is it the maximum note/record per date or the maximum sync to google drive?
    I think everyday i will post around 20 notes with lots of photos. What do you think? Is Rainbownote able to handle the sync process to google drive easily?


    • Akemi Says:

      Hello Tri,
      As you noticed, the difference between lite and paid version is the maximum number of notes you can keep in the RainbowNote.
      The lite version can holds 10 notes, paid one has no limits.

      > Is Rainbownote able to handle the sync process to google drive easily?

      I’m using RainbowNote for more than five years and having 2778 notes with many photos.
      So the first time sync takes quite long… about 4 – 5 hours ( because I have so many documents and pictures ).
      Once it finished, the second time sync is just few seconds to minutes.
      Cause it syncs only the new and renewed documents.
      To sync notes with Google Documents, just touch the sync button.

      I hope this information will help you.

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