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RainbowNote was reviewed by

March 25, 2009
Straight for you!
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One of the most active iPhone‘s apps review site, has posted an article about RainbowNote.

With RainbowNote you can set a theme for the notes(over 30 to choose from), choose the sort method(3 to choose from), search for notes, change the font size, backup/restore, and even import and export to Google Docs(which is the best way to backup).

Some people who use the notes application a lot(and have been begging for a way to search and/or sort their massive amounts of notes. Since Apple hasn’t added these features yet, RainbowNote steps in to do just that.

The site gives 5 stars for usability, 5 stars for Graphics, 3 stars for Price, 5 stars for Functionality. We are pround of it. Thanks a lot!

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